Gabe Friend, Zoning Officer

Commercial/Industrial Construction

  1. Site Approval and Review
    All commercial and industrial construction projects shall have a site approval that is granted from both the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Village Board before application and submittal to the Building Department (See Planning and Zoning Web page for further information). For all commercial and industrial projects four sets of construction plans and specification books must be provided. These plans are then distributed to our Public Works, the Minooka Fire Department, and the Plumbing Inspector and to myself for review. Only one set of structural calculations, landscaping details and signage need to be submitted. After all of the reviews are completed one set of review comments will be sent back to the architectural firm who generated the set for revisions and clarification. Once all comments are resolved and all contractors are licensed the permit will be ready for release
  2. Special Inspections
    Due to the nature of the construction of these buildings there will be several special inspections that will be done during the construction of these buildings. We will need to have one set of each special inspection report that is done for the project. These reports should be forwarded to our office as soon as they become available. Failure to forward these reports could cause a delay in the project until everything is provided. Some examples of the special inspections that we will need would include but are not limited to steel, concrete and EIFS veneer.
  3. Occupancy
    In order to obtain an occupancy permit for the building, inspections must be completed and approved by the Minooka Fire Department, our Plumbing Inspector, the Water Department and myself. Any outstanding work such as landscaping, grading and fencing may be bonded with the Village of Minooka until such work can be completed.
    For all work that is not completed we will need to have an estimate of the amount of money it will cost to complete the work. We will then add 125% onto that amount for the amount necessary to bond with the Village of Minooka. If a set of as-built grading plans have been provided our Village Engineer must approve them or a bond will need to be posted. In order to have an approval on the as-builts provided it is suggested that those grading plans be provided to the Village and the Village Engineer at least four weeks before the intended occupancy of the building.
    Due to the complexity and the volume of inspections and reviews the amount of time from submittal to permit issuance is hard to determine. The time required to review the plans and obtain comments from the architect of record usually is time intensive and also gathering the comments from other parties may extend the review time as well.