Austin Haacke, Finance Director/Treasurer

Water, Sewer & Garbage

Water Monthly Charge$7.00/1,000 gals.
Sewer Monthly Charge$6.24/1,000 gals (based on water usage)
GPWC Capital-Maintenance Fee$25.00

**Click HERE to view the 2021 Water/Sewer Rate Study**


Garbage Monthly Charges:

Standard Garbage Tote65 gallon Tote   $25.95
Optional Size Garbage Tote upon request95 gallon Tote   $25.95
Recycling Tote95 gallon Tote Included with service
Yard Waste… (April 1 to November 30)Unlimited Included with service

-Stickers are required for additional 32 gallon garbage bags @ $1.90 each and are available at the Village Hall.

-There is a $5.00 charge for each additional large item (1 large item is included).

-Senior Citizens Discounts of $2.00 per month are available for residential garbage customers if you are 65 years of age or older. *** Application forms are available at the Village Hall. ***

-Yard waste should be placed in brown paper yard waste bags or trash cans (32 gallons or less, and must be marked ‘YARD WASTE’).  These cannot exceed 40-pounds in weight. Branches or brush may be placed curbside also but should be bundled and tied with weights not exceeding 40-pounds or lengths not greater than 4-feet.


Please place your totes, yard waste bags or containers behind the curb or off the pavement to prevent conflicts with vehicular traffic, maintenance issues such as street sweeping. Another problem that arises during heavy rainfalls is the tote floating or some items stacked along the curb may be washed into catch basins which may lead to the flooding of the street.

Should you have any questions regarding white goods or large items pickup please contact Heartland Disposal direct at the following phone number of 815/942-5851 or . For all issues concerning billing please contact the Village Hall at 815/467-2151.


Contact the below for utility inquiries, billing questions and / or concerns;


Utility Billing Clerk / Building Clerk      [email protected]        (815) 467-2151   Ext. 3174