Justin Meyer, Chief of Police

Police Contact Information

Important telephone numbers and email addresses
Emergency (Grundy, Kendall, and Will Counties)911
24 Hour Non-Emergency/Dispatch(815) 467-2161
Administration (M-F 8am-4:30pm)(815) 467-2298
Grundy County Crime Stoppers(815) 942-9667
Will County Crime Stoppers(800) 323-6734
Justin Meyer, Chief of Police[email protected]
James Sinovich, Deputy Chief[email protected]
Matt Chinski, Sergeant[email protected]
Robert Latz, Sergeant[email protected]
Ryan Macdonald, Sergeant[email protected]
Matthew Juras, Sergeant[email protected]
Kiedra Meece, Patrolman[email protected]
Denise Kentgen, Investigations[email protected]
Chris Presler, Patrolman[email protected]
Renee Parrish, Investigations[email protected]
Staci Kapinus, Patrolman[email protected]
Jamie Picha, Patrolman[email protected]
Shallyn Pera, Patrolman[email protected]
John Martinez, Patrolman[email protected]
Steve Misch, Patrolman[email protected]
Cody Fosdick, Patrolman[email protected]
Mackenzie Melendez, Patrolman[email protected]
Tyler Gholson, Patrolman[email protected]
Guadalupe Lopez, Patrolman[email protected]
Thomas Lotarski, Patrolman[email protected]
Grant Ooms, Patrolman[email protected]
Beth Black, Records Manager/Admin Assistant[email protected]
Abby Castellanos, Records Clerk[email protected]
Mandy Dewhirst, Records Clerk[email protected]