Dan Duffy, Village Administrator


The Village Administrator is an officer of the Village and is appointed by the Village President, with the advice and consent of the Village Board. The Administrator ensures that all significant Board actions are transmitted to the appropriate departments for implementation or action, thus providing a coordinated approach to the management of the Village.

  • Administering daily over site of Village Departments and coordinating day to day activities for the Village.
  • The administration and implementation of the Village Zoning ordinance, Subdivision Control ordinance, Comprehensive Plan, and other group management policies and ordinances
  • Staff liaison to the Planning and Zoning Commission,
  • Coordination of all development activities for the approval process
  • Actively engaging in the pursuit of economic development opportunities that will enhance the Village

Act in a public relations capacity in matters relating to the Village, particularly involving the business community


Daniel Duffy , Village Administrator

[email protected]

Phone: 815-467-2151, ext. 3173
Fax: 815-467-3599
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00-4:30