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Message from Kristopher P. Monn, Superintendent of Schools for Minooka CCSD 201


Minooka 201 Community and Families,


After more than two decades of providing a fun and adventurous area for the children of our community, the wooden playground structure at Minooka Elementary School known as Indian Park was taken out of service due to safety concerns and structural deterioration throughout the equipment on March 15, 2019. This playground was the result of a tremendous collaboration of our families and community members that raised funds and hosted community build events to get the structure erected. We maintain our gratitude to the families and community members that contributed to this project so many years ago, and we will be sure to recognize those contributions at the site going forward. Further, any community member that would like to retrieve any picket or portion that is inscribed with their names should contact Mr. Kevin Smith, Director of Buildings and Grounds, at 815-467-6121 or [email protected].


Minooka Elementary School will begin a process of selecting replacement equipment with their students, staff and families. Anyone that would like to provide input or assistance with the replacement project should contact Mrs. Natalie Baxter, Principal at Minooka Elementary School, at 815-467-4423 or [email protected].




Kristopher P. Monn, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Minooka CCSD 201



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