Gabe Friend, Zoning Officer

General Permit Information

  1. Accessory Structures
    This section pertains to all garages and sheds that are detached from the house. The following is a listing of some of the requirements that will be enforced:

    1. The height of the structure shall be not greater than one story or fifteen feet whichever is lower.
    2. The area including all the area of other structure on the lot shall not exceed 30% of the rear yard square footage.
    3. The structure shall not be less than five foot from the side and rear property lines and not less than ten feet from the home. If located adjacent to an alley the structure shall not be less than 11’-0” from the centerline of the alley.
    4. Concrete and final inspections should be completed.
  2. Decks
    All decks must be located such that there is a setback of five feet (5’-0”) from the side and rear property lines. The deck must be located in the rear portion of the yard and will not be allowed to encroach into the side yard. Decks are also not allowed to be placed in an easement. Each deck must have three inspections: post holes; rough and final.
  3. Fences
    1. Height
    2. Interior lots – The maximum height of a fence on an interior lot is six feet (6’-0”)
    3. Corner Lots – Fences located on corner lots shall be forty-two inches in height with posts four foot in height.
    4. Detail
      • The good face or side of the fence shall be placed on the outside of the fence.
    5. Lot Lines and Easements
      • All fences can run directly on the lot line and within the utility easements on the property. When placing a fence within a utility easement the owner must realize that if the utilities come through and need to take the fence down that it is the responsibility of the owner to restore the fence to its original condition.
  4. Flatwork
    Any flatwork needs to have a permit and also an inspection prior to pouring the concrete. The following is a listing of the type of flatwork and the requirements for each:

    1. City sidewalks: 5’-0” wide by five inches thick. Welded wire mesh shall cross the section of sidewalk that passes the driveway.
    2. Driveways: Six inches thick apron or approach and five-inch driveway with 6 x 6 welded wire mesh throughout.
    3. Patios: Five inches thick with 6 x 6 welded wire mesh throughout
      All of listed flatwork should be completed using clean ¾” stone and all should be compacted prior to pour through the use of a mechanical vibrator.
  5. Above Ground and In-Ground Pools
    The following is the listing of the information that needs to be submitted based on our requirements for both aboveground and in-ground pool:

    1. All pools shall be placed not less than ten feet (10’-0”) from the home, side or rear property line. Provide a plat of survey of the property that shows the placement of the pool and the dimensions from the rear and side property lines and from the house.
    2. All pools shall have a fence surround that provides six feet of protection.
    3. The entire backyard area can be fenced with a six-foot fence that has self-latching and self-closing gates into the yard or have a fence that is placed on the top of the pool for aboveground pools.
    4. An inspection is required for the pool prior to using the pool to ensure that the installation is correct (electrically and structurally) and that the gates function as required.
  6. Remodeling and Additions
    All additions onto residential homes shall conform to the side and rear setbacks for the zoning district in which the house is located. A survey shall be provided that shows these setbacks and also a full set of plans showing all details of construction including dimensions of lumber etc. If the addition or remodeling job includes any electrical or plumbing work this information shall also be included on the plans. Inspections for remodeling or additions are similar to that of a new home and are as follows:

    1. Footing
    2. Foundation
    3. Backfill
    4. Rough framing/plumbing
    5. Insulation/Firestopping
    6. Final building and plumbing